Form DIV_E Help

Copying and Pasting Calculation Pages

The input pages for sub-totals B, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, D1, D2, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, 3.1.1 Income Requirements, and other tables, can be Copied and Pasted into the form for continuation/duplication. The Financial Summary Page (Page 20) will include values from any appended pages in its calculations.

By design, the page for Total A (family home) does not support duplication. Use Section B (interest in other property) for additional homes.

To copy a Page: On the page you wish to copy, select EDIT>COPY PAGE then EDIT>PASTE PAGE. The position at which a page appears in the form can be set in the VIEW>PAGE>PROPERTIES dialog.

Generic Continuation Pages

Additionally, six generic continuation pages can also be Copied and Pasted repeatedly. See end of DIV_E form.

Any sub-totals on generic continuation pages are not processed when the Financial Summary is calculated. Copy the sub-total from the continuation page to an input row in the relevant section of the main form and label it appropriately.

Creating a Customised Template in OyezForms

It is possible to customise a DIV_E template for repeated future use in OyezForms. For example, you may have a standard list of items for section 3.1.1 (Income needs). You can enter the text values in this section (perhaps duplicating the page for continuation) and then select FILE > SAVE IN LIBRARY, declining the prompt to remove text in fields. If you select the 'Custom library' for storage, the new template will be available to all users under the 'Custom' section of the library; if you select 'User library', the form will only be available to you in the 'User' section of the library.

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Extra Help

For additional support, please contact support via the Customer Support portal

Alternatively please call support on 03300 602102 Option 1 (Electronic Forms)