Form CIVClaim1 Help


Continuation for Schedule of Time Spent, Additional Information, and Disbursement details

The Time Schedule, Additional Information, and Disbursement details pages can be copied and pasted within CLSClaim1 for continuation purposes. When this is done, total boxes will display a cumulative value that carries across pages. You can control the location of pages within the form by right-clicking on the page background and selecting 'Properties', then setting the 'Page number' value.


Adding and Removing Row Data in 'Schedule of Time Spent' Pages

You can now insert or delete row data from this schedule by highlighting a field in the row you wish to manipulate, and clicking the 'Insert / Delete Rows' button. Data will move across any additional schedule pages as necessary.


How to Copy and Paste a Page in OyezForms

On the page you wish to copy, select EDIT>COPY PAGE then EDIT>PASTE PAGE. The duplicate page will appear at the rear of the form.