Form IHT400(all) Help


The navigation index page

Users can to jump to sub-sections within the form by clicking the labelled navigation buttons. The navigation page is easily returned to by clicking the double left-arrow in the page navigation feature of the OyezForms toolbar.

The 'Print All Used Sections' button will selectively print the core IHT400 form and all sub-forms that you have completed.

The 'PDF All Used Sections' button will export forms IHT400 and all sub-forms that you have completed to single PDF file.

The navigation index page also has a section for your own notes.

PDF All Used Sections

If you are running version 11.01N or later of OyezForms, you can click the 'PDF All Used Sections' button on page 1 to output a single PDF file

Options on the navigation index page

Duplicate Form

We have now added a Duplicate Form button on the first page of forms which specified to use a separate form:

Duplicate Page

We have also now added a Duplicate Page button to forms as these forms do not require a entire form:

Extra help

For additional support, please contact support via the Customer Support portal

Alternatively please call support on 03300 602102 Option 1 (Electronic Forms)

Update Log

2016-06-08 New command buttons added for export to PDF, Duplicate Page, Duplicate Form
2014-11-22 Carriage returns removed from deceased's name when copying through form sections.
2014-11-21 Command button added to copy IHT405 box 7 value to IHT400 Field 51. (Deceased's residence).
2014-11-20 IHT406 page1 now calculates when duplicated. A tax rate of 36% is applied if IHT400 Field 109 is 'Yes'.
2014-11-19 Enhancement: IHT403, page 35 - 'gifts within 7 years of death' now duplicates.
2014-11-18 Bug Fix: Jump button fixes.
2014-11-17 Bug Fix: IHT411 & 412, now calculate price per share to 4 dec. places.
2014-11-16 Macro enhancement: IHT404, Non-totalling financial columns now format values with commas.
2014-11-15 Bug Fix: IHT422, Section 1 no longer prefills county address line into country field.
2014-11-14 Bug Fix: button at foot of page 75 now navigates to page 6.
2014-11-13 Additional print buttons to allow section-by-section printing.
2014-10-11 New editorial version
Help button added to 'print all' button.
2013-11-18 Option to create single PDF when printing used sections.
Bug Fix: button on Page 100 now copies IHT400 box 117 correctly
2013-11-17 Page 69 (IHT412 - unlisted stocks, page 2) can now be copied and pasted for continuation
2013-11-16 Inserted ticks now copy as 'X's to checkboxes in IHT400 schedule/manifest
Option to cross-calculate share prices in IHT411 and IHT412 (see above)
2013-11-15 IHT400, Field 56: command button introduced to make copying of value from IHT409 optional
2013-11-14 IHT400, Field 76: command button introduced to make copying of value from IHT410 optional
2013-11-13 New navigation page 1