LPA_Workflow Help

The Oyez LPA WorkFlow System

Open the LPA_Workflow and complete required Donor, Attorney, Replacement Attorneys and other details.

The details are then merged into the relevant forms and the continuation pages will be completed according to requirements and blank pages will be removed.

Option to complete LPA120A for any relevant persons as a separate form.

Limitations on use

This form can be used for cases with up to 4 attorneys, 4 replacement attorneys and up to 5 people who need to be notified of the LPA.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions to improve this form please email support@oyez.co.uk .

Update Log

2015-07-06 Witness 1 for Donor, Witness 2 for Attorney.  Section 15 auto crosses un-used fields
2015-07-05 LP3 will only populate if users wants to notify people with y/n option.
2015-07-04 Navigate between pages.  Page 1 has command button to convert all data to UPPERCASE.
2015-07-02 LP2 available as separate form. Macro amendments to LPA_F_Cont and LPA_H_Cont, so continuation pages are launched where required. Pre-print macros added to continuations forms. Practice details pre-populated to LPA correspondence. Cross-out buttons added to LP1F and LP1H as requested.
2015-07-01 First version released