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The eSDLT form allows you to submit Stamp Duty Land Tax data to HMRC electronically. You will receive a response (Success, Busy, Error) almost immediately. Upon successful submission, page 1 acts as an 'Electronic Land Transaction Return Certificate' (SDLT5) for lodgment with the Land Registry. All other pages of the form can be printed for your internal records only. Forms SDLT 2,3,4 are now incorporated in pages 8-11 of eSDLT.

Note: You are entirely responsible for obtaining authority from your client to submit SDLT data electronically. The eSDLT form does not offer any assistance in obtaining such authority.

Creating your e-services account with HMRC

If you have not already done so, you will need to create an online account with HMRC (see link on this page). In order to do this, you will need to supply: i) your postcode and ii) your unique tax reference (UTR) from self-assessment tax, or company registration number. In return, you will receive: i) a 'STORN' number to identify your office and ii) individual user names and passwords.

Once you have obtained account details, you will need to enter them in the relevant eSDLT dialog ("Configure e-submission engine" button on page 1 of eSDLT). If you have not entered any account details, then the eSDLT form will work in "demo mode"; this allows you to gain familiarity with the process before sending "live" data.

By default, a copy of the data you submitted will be saved in the same directory as your saved eSDLT form. You can remove this option, but it is not recommended to do so.

UTRN numbers

You have the option of continuing to enter UTRN numbers from payslips. However, this is no longer necessary. If you leave the UTRN field on eSDLT blank, a UTRN number will be generated for you by HMRC, and displayed on the SDLT5 form.

Case Management

You can integrate our eSDLT form with case management packages in the normal manner.

STORN, username, password details

You have three options for managing your authentication details:
i) You can store them separately in the registry of each PC using the software
ii) You can share an .ini file, stored centrally on a network
iii) You can prefill them from your case-managemnt system to hidden fields on page 1 of the form (contact support)

Multiple Vendors, Purchasers, Properties, Leases

Pages 8 - 11 (containing SDLT2, SDLT3 & SDLT4 data) can be repeatedly appended to the rear of the form (EDIT>COPY PAGE, EDIT>PASTE PAGE) to act as continuation when required.

If multiple SDLT4(Transaction details) are used, they will be associated with SDLT4(Lease details) by the order in which the pages appear in the form: the first SDLT4(T) page will be associated with first SLDT(L) page, and so on. SDLT4(T) data associated with the transaction as a whole should be placed in the first SDLT4(T) page.

Typical submission process

Once you have entered your HMRC account details in the eSDLT configuration dialog, you are ready to submit data.

1. Create a new eSDLT form, fill in the relevant data, and save it.
2. Click the 'Submit to HMRC' button on page 1. The "e-submission report" dialog will appear, and you will receive one of 3 responses:

  • Success. Data submitted has been accepted by HMRC. Transaction complete.
  • Busy. Data was received, but the HMRC service was too busy to process it. It has been stored by HMRC, and you will need to check it's status by manually clicking 'Submit' after the specified time period (usually 10 minutes) has expired. This is called 'Polling'.
  • Failure. If the data you submit is incomplete, or contains logic errors, HMRC validation service will ask you to resubmit after amending certain values. Details will be given.

3. You may need to repeat step 2 until you receive a Success response.
4. Print page 1 of eSDLT, (acts as SDLT5) for lodgment with the Land Registry.


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HMRC: registration, passwords, technical issues with submission:
0845 60 55 999

HMRC: SDLT5 issues,
how to pay, help with content of tax return:
0845 603 0135

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